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Types of Chip Shots

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Types of Chip Shots

Chip Shot- “Bump and Run”

A chip shot is meant to be a low trajectory shot with minimal spin. The goal is to get the ball on the green as soon as possible and have the ball roll to the hole like a putt. To hit a chip shot you want to use as little wrists and possible almost like a putt. The club head should never get above your hands. The air to roll ratio for your chipping clubs is as follows:

8iron- cary 3 yards and roll 12 yards is a 4 to 1 ratio.

9 iron is a 3:1 ratio 3 carry and 9 roll.

Pitching Wedge is a 2;1 ration 3 carry and 6 roll.

Sand Wedge is ratio 3 carry and 3 roll.

Use a finesse grip with the left thumb down the middle of the shaft. Stand the shaft upright so the heel is off the ground . The shaft should be in line with the front arm. Maintain a constant grip pressure that is light. The dead weight of the club should be falling into the ball. Great chippers have a longer backswing and shorter followthrough.

Flop Shot

A flop shot is meant to be a higher trajectory shot with a longer swing and more club-head speed. The goal is to land the ball closer to the hole and due to the spin and trajectory the ball will stop closer to the original spot at which the ball landed. To hit a flop shot you now want to turn your left hand grip to the left so left thumb is down the middle of the club. This grip allows players to use the bounce and elevate the height of the shot.

Move the ball position to the inside of the left heel.

Lower your hands and stand farther away from the ball.

Slightly open the club-face before you grip the club.

Set the hands even with the ball.

Open the stance the same amount you open the face.

Open the face ten degrees and then open the stance ten degrees.

Make a long smooth swing keeping the club moving through impact. See the club hit the ball and maintain speed through impact. Try these shots using tis technique and you will see lower scores.

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