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Improve Your Distance Control

I am excited to talk about two pieces of technology that I use in my coaching programs that get incredible results.

Jim Estes Golf Blast Motion Sensor Putting

The Blast motion sensor is currently being used by over 200 PGA Tour professionals. The sensor is placed on the end of the putter to measure the timing of the backswing and forward swing, tempo, speed of the the putter, stroke length is measured in inches, face rotation, loft and lie.

The first and most important element of the measurements is the timing of the backswing. After collecting data from over 100,000 putts of the best putters in the world it is clear that optimal timing is .6 seconds on the backswing and .3 seconds on the downswing. The 2:1 tempo ratio will clean up your distance and direction problems.

I recommend just working on getting the backstroke time within 3 one hundreds of a second every time. Master each the backstroke time first, before moving to the forward stroke.

The other parameters measured by Blast should be practiced in sequence. The face rotation on the backswing rotates open a half a degree per inch the putter goes back. For example, if the backswing is 10 inches the rotation is 5 degrees open. The loft of the putter at impact should not increase or decrease from address.

The Blast app can also track parameters for the full swing as ell that include; club-head speed. and tempo. The timing for wedges is the same as a the timing for the putter. The ideal backswing time for wedges through 8 iron is .6 seconds. The ideal time for 7,6, and5 irons is .68. For the 4 through Driver the recommendation is is a backswing time of .75 seconds. The best players of the world repeat these times within .02 seconds.

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