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Jim Estes, PGA Golf Professional 
Laytonsville, MD

Jim Estes, 29 year member of the PGA seeks to build lasting memories for students by having them shoot lower scores and hit shots they have never hit before. Jim entered the golf industry as swing fix teacher and has transformed his coaching business building connections through a long term coaching model. Swing fix or one lesson fix is not his model.  

Jim's "ah-ha" moment came 7 years ago after consulting with golf coaches around the world on how to grow the game, Jim knew for his students to fall in love with the game results on the course in the form of lower scores had to be the focus.  Jim's new passion was ignited 6 years ago and translated in better scores and goals realized for his players in just eight weeks. An emotional bond formed among the students in the group with regular on course coaching.

Jim cultivated a trust by being vulnerable with his students. PGA TOUR stories of failures, or getting a tip from legendary instructor Jim Flick the night before the final round of tour school that allowed JIm to 66  and secure his PGA TOUR card builds stronger relationships with his students. The smile and excitement students get from making a par for the first time is why Jim loves coaching. Here are some success stories that have helped gain the trust and connection which is the mission and vision of his coaching program. 

Bisi, a beginner female golfer jumped with joy and gave Jim a high five after her first bogey ever! Keep in mind, Bisi had only one golf class the week before, and never got the ball airbourne. In her first on course lesson, Bisi blasted her ball out of a bunker onto the green in one shot in front of her fellow students. She then 2 putted and recorded her first bogey and 2 putt ever. No doubt Bisi will never forget that day!

Another feel good story is of how coaching with love and passion can make dreams come true. John Bates came to me as a 13 year old who weighed 100 pounds and could not break 80. John's dream was playing high school and college golf. John is extremely coachable and followed my plan exactly. My weekly improvement plans was composed of doing daily visualization and repeating affirmations to acquire the necessary mental skills as well as completing a daily purposeful practice card. John's hard work earned him First Team All Metropolitan his Senior year of high school and recogition by his school for receiving a college golf scholarship in 2023. Jim was truly touched when John sent him the video of him receiving the All Met award in front of his school.

Jim acknowleges not all coaching sessions go well, but with emotional resilience improvement is possible.

Larry, an 80 year old experienced golfer shanked the ball of out of the bunker for one hour straight despite Jim's effort to help him. Jim told him to come back out tomorrow. The next day Jim took Larry out on the course and on the first shot Larry got out of the bunker. From that point forward, Larry never struggled outof the bunker. Coaching takes simpicity, perseverance and on course training.


10 year old Torsten never thought Golf would bring joy as he struggled to stop comparing himself to others always saying his was no good. That all changed the day I took Torsten on the golf course and in front of his class he proceded to make a bogey 4 on a par 3 from 100 yards. His Mom told me he could not stop talking about he got his forst bogey on the course. 


Bryana Nguyen came to me at age 13, and her dream was to shoot par. Bryana and her Dad practiced the mental skills i taught her. She recognized a Fear mindset versus and Flow Mindset. She learned how to immerse herself in the present moment. She learned how silent her inner critic and treat each experience as an opportunity feedback. Bryana played with no fear and trusted her skills were up to the challenge. She fell inlove with her talent and shot her first par score in an AJGA event. Please feel free to call me at 301.807.4458 for a free consultation. 

Jim Estes in The Washington Post....

Washington Post May 29, 2017 at 2:45 p.m. EDT

Jim Estes came to the Senior PGA Championship last week having last competed on tour in 2000 and, as a full-time instructor at Olney golf park, a little out of practice. The Germantown resident had hit only a bucket of balls on the range before teeing off in the most storied of the five majors on the PGA Tour Champions.

But soon enough the competitive fire began settling in, as did Estes’s swing at Trump National golf club in Sterling. The result was a final-round 2-under-par 70 to finish as the low club professional Sunday.

Estes’s 72-hole total of 2-over 290 led four other club pros who made the cut and also was ahead of such major champions as Jeff Sluman, Ian Woosnam and Corey Pavin.

“Not bad for a broken down old pro who doesn’t practice,” Estes said. “I spend more time working with other people’s games than my own. But it’s just a privilege and an honor to get out here and play well in front of people that I know well — students, wounded veterans, but also some of my high school kids.”

Jim Estes Golf, PGA Golf Professional,Golf Instruction for Men, Ladies, Youth, High School Golf
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Jim Estes Elite Member Status Logo 2022.png
Jim Estes Golf, PGA Golf Professional,Golf Instruction for Men, Ladies, Youth, High School Golf
Jim Estes Golf - Golf Digest Best Teacher By State Award 2018-2019
Jim Estes Golf, PGA Golf Professional,Golf Instruction for Men, Ladies, Youth, High School Golf
Jim Estes Golf, PGA Golf Professional,Golf Instruction for Men, Ladies, Youth, High School Golf
Jim Estes Golf PGA Golf Instructor Olney Park MD
Jim Estes Golf, PGA Golf Professional,Golf Instruction for Men, Ladies, Youth, High School Golf
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